Illustration 1

Illustration of a proposed snack wagon featuring swing out display counters and canopies, and plasma display screens.

Illustration 2

Illustrations for inclusion in an activities pack for use at a summer holidays Fairy Club for young children.

Illustration 3

Illustration for a proposed architectural project.

Illustration 4

llustration which formed part of a feasiblity study for a proposed property devlopment. The illustration was produced as an aid to planning consultations.

Illustration 5

Illustration of a proposed outdoor catering facility. The scheme was subsequently implemented, with some modifications, on a variety of sites in London's Royal Parks.

Illustration 6

A CAD reconstruction of Flint Castle, North Wales, based on archaeological and historical evidence.

Illustration 7

Illustration demonstrating the proposed use of posts and chains to keep tourists away from the gates of Clarence House.

Illustration 8

Concept illustration of a proposed mini ice-cream sales vehicle, which, being electrically powered and very compact, could be used in locations where conventional ice-cream vans are prohibitted.

Illustration 9

Concept illustration to help promote a proposed 'pub-business' show.

Illustration 10

Illustrations which formed part of an award winning competition entry for the Office of the Future

Illustration 11

Concept illustration for a proposed exhibition and events project.

Illustration 12

A visual illustrating the original facelift proposals for the London Pavilion, Piccadilly Circus.

Illustration Portfolio

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