Exhibition Stand Design 1

A 17m x 9m double deck stand for a global drinks company incorporating individual display and sampling areas for the various wine brands, reception points, kitchen/store, and private meeting and seminar rooms on the upper levels.

Exhibition Stand Design 2

A 4m x 4m reusable stand with sparkling wine displays and sampling counter centred around a large illuminated bubble tube.

Exhibition Stand Design 3

A design for a 12m x 8.5m double deck stand with product displays, and graphics, workstations, reception point, and office/store on the ground level and private discussion and presentation areas on the upper level.

Exhibition Stand Design 4

A 17m x 9m double deck stand for an international drinks company combining individual winery displays and sampling counters, reception point, kitchen/store, and private meeting and seminar rooms on two levels with a private lounge area on the upper deck.

Exhibition Stand Design 5

Reusable displays produced to publicize Tesco's energy efficiency initiatives in the company s stores.

Exhibition Stand Design 6

A design for a conference set for the Law Society.

Exhibition Stand Design 7

A design for a conference set which incorporates, in three dimensional form, the theme used throughout the client's advertising.

Exhibition Stand Design 8

3m x 3m system-built reusable stand for No-Drip Umbrellas. The circular sales counter incorporated showcases and cupboards, while the central mast carried additional product display and uplighting onto the underside of the canopy.

Exhibition Stand Design 9

7m x 5m system-built stand, on a corner site, featuring display towers, a bar/information counter, informal discussion areas and a lockable store.

Exhibition Stand Design 10

A design for a 6m x 3m cookery products stand incorporating a demonstration counter, product displays, graphics and storage.

Exhibition Stand Design 11

A 20m x 6m system-built stand incorporating graphic displays, workstations, a projection cube wall, reception point, store, and private hospitality area with bar.

Exhibition Stand Design 12

A 8m x 5m stand featuring the client's lighting range and associated electrical products, incorporating display columns, overhead displays, graphic panels, a meeting room and a feature display involving a motorcycle.

Exhibition Stand Design Portfolio

View some of our recently completed exhibition stand design projects.

Using the thumbnails below the main image, you can view various production renderings. Additional information regarding each image is displayed below.

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