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About Our Design Services

Go into an exhibition and do it well and you score highly. Do it badly and not only do you waste money but you'll be right off the scoresheet. That is why it pays to have a professional designer create your exhibition stand for you and your company.

Do it properly stylishly, professionally and not only do you enhance your standing throughout the industry and among your competitors but also with your own staff... And, of course, you get the best from your budget.

Win prizes in the exhibition hall and you'll be talked about. That's what you want isn't it?

But prizes are only won when your exhibition stand works It has to :-

  • stop the passers-by
  • entice them onto the stand
  • give your sales staff a chance
  • send them away knowing more, being impressed and, feeling better about your company.

Sounds easy but a lot goes into getting that right.

Getting the Picture

Visualisation a very special gift.

Sometimes, it is difficult to imagine how an event, a refurbished building, a product or, say, a piece of landscaping will look when it is finished, so to help clients to get the picture an illustration of how it will look is produced.

At such times, Keith's ability to read complex drawings and to polish his crystal ball, come in!

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